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Village Nerezine

Nerezine is a small coastal village situated in the eastern part of the island, at the foot of Osoršćica hill (588 m). Just 4 km from the ancient city of Osor, it is the first village you encounter on the island, and 18 km drive from Nerezine will bring you to the biggest town on the island, Mali Lošinj. Initially, sheep farming and agriculture were the only economic activities in Nerezine, but along with the development of fishery and shipbuilding, this settlement slowly gained the characteristics of a coastal village.

Historical monuments in Nerezine:
The 15th century Franciscan monastery contains a bell-tower that dominates the whole village and houses numerous works of art. These include a beautiful painting of the Madonna and Child by an unknown Venetian artist dating from 15th century.

The Nerezine parish church, the church of Our Lady of Good Health, was built between 1875 and 1877 on Studenac square. On the main altar there is a painting of Our Lady with St. Nicholas and St. Gaudentius, painted by Palma junior.
The church of Saint Mary Magdalene, dating from 1534, is built beneath Osoršćica. In the last couple of years, this church has gained a great importance due to hosting of permanent exhibition dedicated to the traditional way of life in Nerezine which is presented by 11 models donated by emigrants from Nerezine.

The houses in Nerezine are surrounded by vast courtyards and greenery that gives unique beauty to the whole village.
The main economic activity of Nerezine is tourism. Our guests can visit the village boatyard or find a pleasant accommodation in two tourist settlements, two camps and two family hotels as well as in a large number of private rooms and apartments. In the local restaurants you can taste the island's gastronomic specialties. There is also a supermarket, a post office, a library, a souvenir gift shop as well as a gas station and a hardware store located just nearby Nerezine.

Besides swimming in the sea and sunbathing on local beaches Rapoća, Lučica, Mirna and Galboka, our tourists can enjoy hiking tours, cycling, kayaking and boat trips throughout the whole year.

The most attractive hiking tour is definitely the ascent to Osoršćica, and Osor Canal with its numerous bays is appropriate for short boat trips.